About Us

FieldhouseUSA is a COMMUNITY based facility specializing in leagues, events and tournaments.  It serves the area residents by offering year-round league play in team sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football and futsal.  FieldhouseUSA also offers programs for individuals such as:  performance training, all-sports camps, baseball/softball, birthday parties, boot camps, cheerleading, club volleyball, corporate events, dodgeball, lock-ins, skills training, taekwondo, and tumble.  FieldhouseUSA hosts a wide range of events and tournaments, which cater to the select, club and recreational teams across the United States.  This tournament series generates sales tax dollars annually and has a major economic impact for the City and surrounding areas.  FieldhouseUSA averages over 1.6 million visitors annually and is geared for both recreational and competitive athletes.  FieldhouseUSA is a multi-purpose indoor facility that offers a variety of sporting activities, and skill levels, where everyone has a place to play while creating an amazing EXPERIENCE for ALL that enter the FieldhouseUSA doors!


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