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An Active Community

FieldhouseUSA is a community based, multi-purpose indoor facility that offers a variety of sporting activities, and skill levels, where everyone has a place to play! With state-of-the-art facilities and unique sporting opportunities, FieldhouseUSA provides an experience of a lifetime to all who enter a facility.

State-of-the-art Facility


Features 8 hardwood courts. Offering year-round leagues, training programs, and camps. Courts are available for rent to the general public and for tournaments or events!

Arlington Orthopedic Associates

The AOA Performance Institute located at the Mansfield Fieldhouse originated out of a desire to help others. We are affiliated with a world-class orthopedic practice, Arlington Orthopedic Associates and wanted to help our community achieve optimal performance and stay injury-free before they see a doctor. We help you be a better you. Whether you are looking to improve your sports performance, training for your first competition or just want to live a stronger, healthier life – we can help develop benchmarks to improve your physical performance.

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Attack Academy

Our mission is to provide players a well rounded developmental program for all ages and abilities. This program will promote good moral character, develop self discipline, encourage a strong work ethic, and build self confidence as each player advances through their basketball and volleyball career. Whatever your player’s goals may be we are committed to helping them achieve and even surpass their expectations. We realize that basketball and volleyball is a “means” to an end and we will provide a positive environment that promotes strong character and life skills!

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Our fundamentals for the cheerleading gym truly focuses on being a safe haven for all children who want to come and learn more about cheerleading skills. Cheerleading skills include not only physical abilities such as arm motions, facials, jumps, dance, tumbling, stunts, performance criteria, etc. but also team building, mentoring, safety awareness, positive personalities, goal-orientation, community involvement and being a responsible individual on a daily basis. We provide some of the best coaching in the industry plus involve all family to be part of the overall exciting experience.

Fit Lab USA

Fit Lab was founded in 2016 to serve the community of Mansfield as a premier training facility dedicated to next level development. Simply put, we do more than help you develop some strength and flexibility. Any novice trainer can share a few tips that may yield positive results their clients might not have achieved on their own. That’s good, however we aim much, much higher. To complement our own novice education courses, we have opted to stay away from bulky equipment that limits functional movement and proper mechanics. Instead we utilize top of the line multifunctional equipment in our facility including Keiser, Vertimax and Purmotion to simulate any real life movement whether it’s getting out of a chair or a basketball through a hoop to complete a fast break. At Fit Lab we ensure our clients have every resource needed to reach their peak fitness goal.

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Run United

Run United is not just a store, it’s a revolutionary business concept that “unites” the interests of running communities, independent specialty retailers, and running brands. The purpose of the concept is to empower running communities to have a home and a source of funding to address the unique needs of the community.

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Ted E’s Kitchen

Growing up with a chef for a father and a passion for hands-on cooking, Ted learned early the importance of fresh ingredients, food made from scratch and treating each customer like family. Ted took those lessons to heart – as well as some family recipes – to build one of the most successful catering companies in North Texas. Now, Ted is bringing his favorite recipes and a commitment to fresh ingredients to Ted E’s Kitchen. Skip the glut of corporate restaurants with poor service and bland microwaved dinners and bring your family to Ted E's Kitchen for a family kitchen experience away from home. Ted E’s Kitchen provides fresh, made to order burgers, sandwiches and salads that will satisfy everyone.

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A Wide Range of Events & Activities

Mansfield Fieldhouse serves the area residents by offering year-round league play in team sports such as basketball, volleyball, and futsal. Mansfield Fieldhouse also offers programs for individuals such as: FieldhouseU skills training, camps/clinics, birthday parties, corporate events, performance training, cheerleading, dodgeball, lock-ins, and taekwondo. Another feature of Mansfield Fieldhouse is its ability to host a wide range of events and tournaments, which cater to the select, club and recreational teams across the United States. These tournament series generate sales tax dollars annually and has a major economic impact for the City and surrounding areas. Mansfield Fieldhouse averages over 1 million visitors annually and is geared for both recreational and competitive athletes. Come join the experience!


1 Million

Visitors Annually


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