After seeing Kimberly’s mom lose 54 pounds, and her dad go from a 42 to 36 pant size, we decided to try the products for ourselves. Kimberly used the products for energy and went from a 9-10 to a 3-4 dress size in two months, plus got the energy she was seeking. I also got on the products for energy and have never felt better. We decided to pursue the business side of AdvoCare in July of 2001.

We started talking to friends and family about the incredible results we had. Within three months we had exceeded my full-time income as a commercial claims adjuster working the AdvoCare business part-time. We both decided during that third month to pursue AdvoCare full-time. Now we’re able to be at-home parents with our children and have life on our terms. So whether you’re interested in trying the products or knowing more about the business opportunity, let’s get started today!

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Michael & Kimberly Smith
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