Real Time Pain Relief

Real Time SPORTS Cream caters to the specific needs of the active body by delivering fast, sweat resistant pain relief during workout routines and throughout the duration of recovery time.

With 25 of Nature’s Ingredients including Wintergreen, Turmeric, Magnesium Oil, and Menthol in it’s lowest effective dose (0.5%), Real Time SPORTS cream provides a gentle cooling sensation during exercise without the formidable burn that can occur as pores open from exercise and sweat.

Real Time SPORTS Cream relieves pain from common athletic ailments such as cramps, sprains, tendonitis, runner’s knee, muscle fatigue, and much more.

When pushing yourself to new levels of fitness and athleticism, incorporate Real Time SPORTS Cream into your daily fitness routine and Stay Active!

All Real Time Products work fast, smell great, and have no negative side effects, so it’s perfect to use any time of day.

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